Local Authorities – Helpline

VAT is a complex tax, despite the Government heralding its introduction in 1973 as “a simple tax”.  Only the largest local authorities will be able to justify employing a full-time in-house VAT adviser.  In smaller authorities the burden will inevitably fall on an accountant with much else to fill his/her working day.

Elysian Associates provides helpline services to local authorities.  For a fixed annual fee you will have unlimited access to our local authority specialists who will answer your routine VAT queries and identify projects with potential VAT problems.  In addition to telephone and e-mail queries, our helpline clients receive regular newsletters, giving details of developments in VAT which affect local authorities.

Our helplines service also offers an “all-tax” service, which, as well as VAT, covers PAYE, NIC, Construction Industry Tax, Corporation Tax (if you have any companies or ALMOs), Landfill Tax, Customs duty etc.

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