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VAT is a constantly changing tax and keeping up to date with all the latest judgements, business briefs and the mass of other information distributed en masse by the larger accountancy firms can be both time-consuming and unproductive, particularly when much of the information has little relevance to local authorities. At the request of our clients, we produce newsletters giving not only details of changes which affect this sector, but also our views on how important they are and what our clients should be doing about them.

Car Parking (February 2006)

Much interest was generated when the Isle of Wight started to defeat Customs through the Courts with regards to VAT on car parking. In January 2006 a VAT Tribunal ruled in favour of the Isle of Wight as local authorities across the country prepared their claims for repayment of thousands of pounds back-tax. But would the cheque be “in the post”? Download our Free report on Car Parking. 

European VAT law (November 2005)

The European Commission has announced that it is reviewing the VAT treatment of public bodies. Will this affect you? Read our Free report on EU VAT Update.

Mileage allowances (November 2005)

The EU has demanded that UK come into line with the rest of Europe by requiring a taxpayer to hold a VAT invoice before reclaiming VAT. Surprised? We were, when we discovered that this referred to mileage allowances paid to employees… Read more in our Free report on VAT and Mileage Allowances.

Leisure Centre Management Fees (October 2005)

Are they payment for a taxable supply of services or are they a grant? The official view seemed to change on a regular basis in September and October 2005. Even now, there is little certainty in this field. Download our Free report on Leisure Centre Management Fees.

Partial Exemption (May 2005)

As well as Spring, the month of May heralds the arrival of the memo from the Chief Accountant “how are we on the 5% calculation?” This newsletter gives some useful tips on carrying out a partial exemption calculation. Download our Free Report on Partial Exemption that gives some useful tips on carrying out a partial exemption calculation.

Welfare Services (April 2005)

The Chancellor announced that he was making it easier for local authorities to provide childcare services by legislating for non-business treatment – although we have yet to see even a draft of that legislation! At the same time, Customs put forward some proposals for changing the way that local authorities carry out a partial exemption calculation. Read our Free Report on Welfare Services to remind yourself of what might have been…

Estimations (April 2005)

This newsletter dealt with Customs’ attempt to remove the facility for estimating input tax from as many local authorities as possible. Although estimation is allowed in VAT law, Customs see it as a privilege rather than a right. Download our Free report on Estimation of Input Tax.

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