Local Authorities – Services

As well as providing helplines, much of the work of Elysian Associates is providing ad hoc advice to local authorities on specific projects.

We provide simple, clear and detailed advice for our clients to enable them to apply a structured approach to the VAT issues that can arise from their projects.  By bringing to bear our years of experience dealing with this sector, not only do we save clients time, money and resources, but in doing so free up their cash to be put into the provision of front-line services instead of VAT bills.

We also carry out VAT reviews, either as stand-alone assignments or as part of an internal audit process and we provide training courses ranging from basic VAT awareness through to more complex aspects of the tax such as land and property, joint ventures, outsourcing and externally funded projects.

We have also provided in-house cover on a secondment basis for a large unitary authority and assisted in recruiting, selecting and developing the VAT Officer role within that authority.

The types of projects we are frequently asked to advise on include:

  • Housing Transfers (LSVT “VAT Shelter”)
  • Land and Property issues
  • Leisure Outsourcing
  • Partial exemption methods
  • Partial exemption reviews
  • Capital projects
  • Sure Start/Extended schools
  • Joint ventures
  • Partnerships
  • NHS Section 31 arrangements
  • Compiling in-house VAT instructions for staff

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